New Spring Fitness Challenge

Today was the start of a new spring fitness challenge.  My gym put out a challenge for the month of April.  Count your miles for the total month of April. Miles are totaled through cross training, you may count any of the following miles, Running, Biking, Walking, inside or outside, treadmills, elliptical, bikes, swimming, etc, anything that counts your miles.  Keep a total of all your miles throughout the month of April and post it on your Facebook.  I love this challenge, it is the motivation I needed to get more miles in, after the Disney Half Marathon I have not been training like I need too.  Tonight I walk/ran 4 miles on the treadmill, and it felt great!



Be Inspired…

To keep yourself motivated to stick with an active lifestyle, setting regular goals for yourself is important.  Make sure you take a look at what you’re working towards every so often, and make sure that goal is still achievable, so that you can stay on track and get the results you’re looking for.  Don’t set to many goal at one time, by setting some goals that you feel passionate about, you can make sure that you stay on track to a healthy lifestyle.  Yes, I did say a lifestyle, you can’t make this change only for today or only this month.  These changes need to become a part of your everyday life if you really want some results.

Last year I signed up for my first half marathon and that was my goal – to FINISH my first half marathon.  I DID IT!!  Having a clear goal for your training each day will give your workouts new meaning and ensure you are commit for the long haul.


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