I ran/walked 4 miles on the treadmill and tracked it with the Nike+ Running app. Today, for every mile logged through the Nike+ Running app, Nike contributed an additional $1 per mile to Challenged Athletes Foundation. Anyone with the Nike+ Running App could pledge the miles they run to serve the athletes affected by the tragic events that unfolded during last year’s Boston Marathon.  The goal of the campaign was to provide opportunities and support to survivors of the Boston tragedy and to other athletes with physical challenges in the Boston community to enable them to pursue active lifestyles.  I think this was a great challenge and campaign. It also motivated me to get more miles in today to add to my monthly challenge of getting an estimated 100 miles in for the month of April. #STRONGEREVERYRUN


Yay for Yoga Monday’s!! After my nice little run/walk I stretched out in yoga class.

 I must say I do love to hear that I inspire others to exercise or start running. That makes me just want to do more and push myself that much more. #WHYIRUNDISNEY    

Check out the I Run Disney video’s run Disney has posted up on youtube.com.

I had so many family/friends telling me they couldn’t believe that I ran a half marathon and they could never do that themselves. You can do anything you want, you just have to believe in yourself.   I had to push myself to keep going on that long hard road to the finish line just as I’m sure many of the participates in the Boston Marathon did to today. You are your biggest supporter, you have to make yourself proud before anyone else can be proud of you.


I wanted to share something that has also kept me going and that is posted up right beside my computer desk so that I see it every day/night. Make a motivational board for yourself and post motivational quotes that will give you inspiration to keep reaching for that goal. #MOTIVATION

The picture below is not my motivational board but one I found online that helped with ideas. 








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