Reaching your goals

This past weekend I ran my first race since the Princess Half Marathon in February.  It was only a 5k but I PR’d at 38 minutes.  I’ve come a long way since my first race last year in August.  I have many more minutes I’d like to shave off my time, but patience and perseverance will get me to my goal.  I added more outdoor runs in my training last week.  I ran around my neighborhood instead of running on the treadmill and I think this really helped me pick up my pace.  I know the treadmill is a great tool to use to get ready for a race but I think I am going to start running outside every chance I get.  I live in the south and it gets very hot here and I know it will come a time I will not be able to run/walk outside.


I wanted to share one of my own motivational tips that helps me on a run.  When I feel my legs start to get tired I repeat to myself “Strong Legs”.    I know it’s such a simple phrase but it works for me.  I love the quote below that Justin Timberlake said on Oprah’s Master Class.  This is so true!!!  If you don’t challenge yourself enough you won’t learn new things and won’t grow from a new experience.



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