Weekend Workout

Today after church I got a really good workout in at the gym. I go to a 24/7 gym and they have two ladies gyms.  I was the only one in the gym this morning so I could turn up my music loud as I wanted and use any piece of equipment I wanted.  I first started off with 15 crunches on the balancing ball.  I really need to work on my ab muscles, I would say this is my weakest part of my body right now.


Next, I decided to use the kettlebell for a few different exercises that I learned in kettlebell class.

Kettlebell Workout 3.indd

Triceps extension: Stand with feet hip-width apart (or sit if it’s more comfortable), knees soft, and abs tight. Hold kettlebell with both hands behind your head, elbows and palms facing up and elbows close to ears.  Straighten arms overhead, keeping upper arms still.  Contract muscles along the back of your upper arm for 1 count, then lower weight to starting position.


Kettlebell High Pull: Begin in a standing position with feet spread shoulder-width apart, grasping a kettlebell with both hands. Arms should start straight with the kettlebell hanging in front of the body. Bring the kettlebell up toward your chin, shooting your elbows out to the sides and angled upward. In a controlled motion, bring the kettlebell back to the starting position and begin again doing this as many times as possible for 60 seconds.

two-arm swings

Two-arm swings: Grasp the kettlebell by its handle, get into a squat position and swing the kettlebell from between and behind your legs up to chest level. Be sure that your arms are straight, your back is flat, you bend your knees and that the power comes from the lower body. All the momentum comes from your lower body so do not think of it as a front raise. As you swing the kettlebell up, push your hips forward and lock your knees, and do not forget to squeeze those gluts as well. Let the kettlebell fall back down, but always keep it under your control.

I really hope you try some of these the next time you’re at the gym working out. Ladies, I would suggest you use a smaller weight (10 – 15 pound) kettlebell to start out.  **Note** Please make sure you either attend your local kettlebell class to see correct and proper form on these moves or watch a YouTube video. The kettlebell is a great exercise tool to build those muscles but used in the wrong way you really could get hurt, for example your back.


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