Random … Anytime Blog :-P

Hello my fellow bloggers,

I think I have decided to call this blog the random anytime blog. *lol*  This blog may not have any rhyme or reason.  I guess I will start off with an update on my 1/2 marathon training, it’s not going to well.  I still have plenty of time, but still have not got into to the training mode.  Our weather in the south is just now starting to get cooler so I should start to have longer runs out side. I don’t know about other runners but I just can’t run that far on a treadmill, no more that three miles.

So I have some exciting news, in 20 days I will be on the Carnival Valor cruise ship.  This will be my first Halloween cruise!!!  I will also be in Mexico during Day of the Dead – “Día de Muertos”.  This has been on my bucket list for a long time.   I already have my Halloween costume and mask/head-dress for Day of the Dead.



So since I had this cruise coming up I tried to stay on my diet and found these fitness challenges.  I did not do very well on either my diet or the fitness challenge.  I am not going to give up enough though I only have a couple more week I am determined to lose a few pounds.  I will also try to do better on posting more blogs and keep updates on my fitness journey.

Thank you for following me!!


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