Discouraged/Support Group/Family

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Surprised, it’s me again with a back to back blog two days in a row.  I told you I would try to get better at my blog updates.  Well today I ran three miles after work and it was the worst three miles in a while.  I thought I was about to die after I ran/walked and made it back to my car.


Miles: 3.01 Duration: 55:08 Miles Per Hour: 18.  Not since I have started running have I ran that slow.  I was just not feeling it this afternoon, but I was determined to finish my three miles.  So I decided to post my run on a local Facebook page to kinda see if it would motivate myself to do better next time.  It did better than that, so far I have 17 likes and many positive comments and very good suggestions.  I never expected that big of a response out of that run group.  So I wanted to blog tonight and explain how important it is to have a support group when you have a big challenge like a half marathon to accomplish.  I’m going to start posting more updates on my blog here and I am going to start posting more on the Facebook group.  I need all the support I can get!!


Sometimes I feel this is the way I am going to be across that finish line at the half marathon in May of next year. *LOL*


Have a Good Night!!!


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