January Half Training (Recap)


January Half Marathon Training (Week 1- 3) Recap
May 1st, 2016, I will running in Myrtle Beach Diva Half Marathon.  I have not been doing that good with my training for the first three weeks.  I have only done 6 days of the 12 days so far.  I am using the runkeeper app to track my training.  I do the shorter miles during the week and the longest miles on the weekend (Sunday). This past weekend I ran 3 miles on Saturday around my neighborhood.  After the run I made myself a vanilla Shakeology.


 Yesterday, Sunday – January 31st I ran/walked 6.2 miles.  This is the longest I have run in a long time.  When I finished my run my feet hurt so bad and I was a little concerned that it was my shoes I bought in January.  I think it was just the long miles.

Screenshot_2016-02-01-20-40-16-1 (1)

The shoes are Women’s New Balance WT690v1 Trail RunningI have really enjoyed these shoes.  I have a bunion on my left foot and I have not had one single issue with it since I have been running in these shoes.   I will continue to train in these shoes to get them broke in for the Half in May.


I have also been continuing to do strength training with kettlebell classes on Tuesday nights.  If you haven’t seen my past blogs, I love my gym family.  Our gym has the most supporting trainers and members.  When I don’t feel like going to the gym or a class someone is always there to ask where I was and when I am coming back.  Our Kettlebell class has its own Facebook page where we show each other our achievements and encourage each other.


Today was a rest day for me after those 6 miles’ yesterday, my legs and feet needed some rest.  I will continue with the training plan for the rest of the week.
3 miles + Kettlebell Class – Tuesday
HITT Class w/ interval training – Wednesday
4 miles – Thursday
3 miles – Saturday
6 miles – Sunday



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