Diva Half Marathon Wk 4 Recap


So last week I ran/walked 13.2 miles.  Even though that seems like a lot I did not stay with the plan.

Sunday – 6 miles on the rail trail

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – Kettle Bell Class – I could not leave work early enough to get some miles before class.  I’m the last one in pink/black on the right side of the picture below.


Wednesday – HITT Class – 2 miles of intervals and ab work out that I felt for the rest of the week.  Below is the 30 minute treadmill workout that we did.


Thursday – 2 miles that should have been 4 miles.

Friday – Rest day – Went to see TRUMP at our local Civic Center.



Saturday – Got 3 miles in at the gym.  I love making pictures with the PicLab app.


Sunday –  Should have done 6 miles today but it was so cold/rainy/snow in our area.  I could not run/walk outside and I was not about to try to do 6 miles on the treadmill.   So what did I do most of the day – be lazy and sleep and then went to a super bowl party where I ate too much.  Someone made a really cool cake!

20160207_202338 (2) (2)

This is my workout plan for this week.  I am going to try very hard to stick with this routine this week.

  • Mon. – Rest Day – Yea I know! Really?? Rest from what!
  • Tue. – 3 Miles and Kettlebell Class – I am going to try to leave work early so I can get some miles in before class.
  • Wed. – HITT Class (2-3 Miles on the treadmill)
  • Thur. – 4 miles
  • Fri. – Rest Day
  • Sat. – 4 miles
  • Sun. – 6 miles

Also, I am going to start drinking my vanilla Shakeology in the morning. Shakeology in the past has helped me stop those bad cravings all day long.  If you interest in knowing more about Shakeology just let me know.

Wishing everyone a successful workout week and may your body feel the burn!



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