Diva Half Training Recap Week 6

Monday, February 15 – No Workout

Tuesday, February 16 – Sample of my snacks, lunch and dinner.

Lunch: Homemade pita wrap with no added salt turkey, fresh avocado, baby spinach and cheese. Water with lemon
Snack: Two halos
Dinner: Mexican restaurant -grilled chicken with grilled onions and peppers and a guacamole salad. Water to drink.

Workout: 1.51 miles, Duration 21:15 on the treadmill followed by kettle bell class


Wednesday, February 17 – 2.42 miles, Duration 34:05. HITT Class (Interval Training), I ran my fastest speed on the treadmill this afternoon, 7.0. I used my portion control containers at dinner. I ate less than half of the chicken. #gymrat


Thursday, February 18 – 1.15 miles, Duration 20.06. After dinner I did a CIZE routine.  I also enjoyed a vanilla shakeology for breakfast.


Friday – No Workout – Rest Day

Saturday – No workout – Based on my training I should have done 4 miles today.  My back was sore today from an adjustment from Thursday.

Sunday – Based on my training I was supposed to run/walk 7 miles today but I was still sore but I did do a CIZE routine.  After my workout I enjoyed a small vanilla shakeology.


I am trying to stay with the half marathon plan on Runkeeper but I have found that during the week I do better with running a little each day.  I am really going to have to step it up and start staying dedicated to my long runs on the weekends.

Two Personal Goals achieved this week:  I have lost three pounds and I went up to a 7.0 on the treadmill.


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