Week 7- Diva Half Training Recap


Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a successful and productive week.    Last week I was able to get 5.5 miles in on the treadmill.  Monday’s are usually rest days for me because of the long miles on Sundays, but since I did not run/walk on Sunday I did 2 miles on the treadmill on Monday.


Tuesday was NOT a good day at work for me and I ended up staying at work too late and didn’t make it to kettle bell class or get any miles in on this day.   I was really upset!   I don’t know about you but the gym and/or running on the trail is a stress reliever to me. There is nothing like a long run to clear my mind and take me away from everything.   We had some crazy weather in are area a couple of days last week so the gym canceled classes on Wednesday.    I did get some miles in on the treadmill on Thursday, but just 3.5 miles.


I am trying to stick with my healthy eating habits.  This was my lunch on Tuesday, half wrap, Stacy’s Pita Chips, tomatoes, and a cheese stick. 12688164_10207890324068408_6686720829303279809_n

Friday was my hubby’s birthday so we had a nice dinner out at a local Japanese restaurant and I finally got my hair colored.

Saturday, per my training I was supposed to run/walk 4 miles, but I did not get around to doing anything.  Now Sunday, I am happy to say I got out and completed 7.23 miles.   I have not done that many miles in a long time.  This run was done at our local Rail Trail.  This trail is a combination of dirt trails in the woods and pavement.    Needless to say my legs, hips and right side is hurting tonight.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed their ribs hurting after a long run?  So the 7 miles took my almost 2 hours to run and I feel that is way off from where I need to be.  I do feel that the treadmill intervals are helping me move faster but I have a long way to go.


So today has been a rest day for me and I would say my cheat day for food.  I have eaten nothing but junk food for all three meals of the day.

My cats are trying to help me write this blog.IMG_20160229_210111

Tabby in the right picture is grumpy because his brother buster is on my shoulder.  Can we say jealous!!!

This week’s goals: Staying with the training program – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 4 miles.  I think there is a 5K I might be running in on Saturday, if so this will be my first 5k this year.  Sunday – 6 miles

Continuing with my healthy eating program and drinking my Shakeology daily.   Something else I want to work on is prepping food for each week. 



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