Week 8 – Diva Marathon Training

So excited to finally see the beginning of race season began.  There were so many races going on this past weekend.  This week I got 10 miles in but only because I did 7 miles on Sunday and a 5k on Saturday.  I seem to do better in races when I don’t over exert myself during the week with running.  So on Tuesday I did go to Kettle Bell Class but that was it for the week until the 5K on Saturday.  This 5K was an afternoon race at 4:30 PM.  The 5K was for a great cause, it was to raise money to preventing child abuse in our local area.


To my surprise, I placed 3rd in my age group.  My pace was around 13 minutes and my time was 41:20. I did not PR but it was not bad for the first 5K for the year. I wore my Saucony run shoes rather than my New Balance.  1) Because it matched my outfit better. 2) I wanted to see if my calves would start hurting as they do in the New Balance.  


My niece Brittany ran this race with me and a lot of friends from our gym, family and friends always make races more fun. 


This Saturday’s 5K is another great cause, this one is for Autism.   I’m sure I will not place, this 5k is one of the biggest in the area but I am hoping to PR.  This race will be part road course and part trail.    I will be wearing my New Balance shoes in this race and hope that tight calve muscles with not cause me any trouble during the race.   I would really hate to think that tightness is cause by my shoes.  I really love the way the shoes fit on my feet and they do not bother my bunion.  The only issue I have found recently since I have been increasing my mile have been the tightness in the calves but then again I am not one that likes to stretch before a run.


I am trying to continue with Shakeology but it’s still a challenge for every day.    I am also trying to make healthy decisions when going out to eat.  My husband and I ate at Longhorn for dinner on Friday and I had the grilled tilapia, sweet potato, and wild rice.


Goals for this week: To PR in the race on Saturday and continue to eating healthier.

Drink more water!!!!


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