Diva Half Marathon Training – Week 9

Diva Half Marathon Training – Week 9

Hello, hope everyone has started the week to a good start.  I like to get my blog post out by Monday’s but I was really tired yesterday and completely forgot.  I have been trying to catch up with my lack of sleep from this weekend.  I have to keep telling myself I am not as young as I once was and staying up till 5:00 AM in the morning and then only getting 4 hours of sleep is not going to work for me anymore.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Kettle Bell Class


Wednesday –  HITT Class – I thought I could have died.  This class was so hard last week.  You should really try this treadmill interval routine, it’s a tough one.


Thursday – Rest Day – No exercise but I did treat myself to a make – up session at our local Belk’s store.




Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Pacing for Pieces 5K –  This 5k was to raise money for autism.   I kept at 12-minute mile for the first two miles but then dropped down to a 13 – minute mile for the last mile. I thought I was pushing so hard only to find out that I was at almost the exact same finish speed as last week’s 5k.   Now I know what I need to work on, my speed and staying at a steady pace.   I felt during this race I was running more than I have in previous races.


Saturday night was my husband’s birthday bash at our favorite bar in town.  We had one of our favorite bands come out and play.   Everyone had such a great time but I was already tired from the 5K earlier that morning and we didn’t get home that night until 4 AM and I did not go to sleep until 5 AM.   Of course only getting 4 hours of sleep that day I did not feel like doing much of anything let alone go out for run.  (Per the training I was supposed to have completed a 9 mile run Sunday.)


These last two weeks I have been slacking on my half marathon training due to the 5K’s I’ve been running on Saturday’s.  There is another 5k/10k race this weekend but I am not going to participate in this race because I really do need to focus more on my long runs for now.  At this point I should have already completed a 9 mile run but yet I have only completed one 7 mile run.  It’s time for me to get back on track!!!


I got a bigger rack to display my medals and a cool sign from Hobby Lobby on Monday.  Time to fill this rack up!!!

Please leave me a note below, a comment, your favorite inspiration quote or any suggestions.

Thanks and keep tuning in for updates!!


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