Diva Half Marathon Training – Week 10


Happy Monday!!  I am a little over half way with my training. Only 9 more weeks of training before race day!!!  I’m filled with mixed emotions, I’m excited and scared at the same time.   Even though have been training better than the last half marathon I still am way off my training course.   This weekend I did get 5 miles in on Saturday at the beach.   I thought I was going to get 10 miles in on Sunday but it rained all day.


The only day I went to the gym last week was on Wednesday’s HITT IT class.   It was another tough treadmill run with hills and on top of the hills our instructor had a nice little leg routine afterwards.  My hips hurt for two days after this workout.


Our friend that lives at beach was out of town so we stayed at his place to take care of his animals and enjoy a fun weekend at the beach.  Friday night we enjoyed wings/pizza and some karaoke at Broadway at the Beach.  On Saturday we took our baby Chico on the beach to run around, did some shopping and ate a couple of our favorite places.  I stayed with my training on Saturday and completed 5 miles.  I really enjoy running at the beach because there are so much distractions along the way I don’t think about my long run.  The weather was great but it did get hot a couple of times out of the shade.  This made me think of how hot it will be at the beach in May for my half marathon.


To reward myself we went to LandShark to enjoy some Margaritaville drinks.  On Sunday, the first day of spring, I had planned on staying with my training and completing 10 miles. I had it all mapped out and then comes the rain.  ALL day!!  The picture above with Olaf is exactly the way the first day of spring felt at the beach.  Cold!!!

We needed to get some tickets for an event at the House of Blues for this coming weekend and we ended up staying for Gospel Brunch.  This was a surprising treat for us, not only the food was great with 55 items on the buffet but also the entertainment was great.   I would highly recommend trying it if you have a HOB in your area that has the Gospel brunch.

I only have 40 more days before the Diva Half Marathon!!!


  • Staying on track with the Runkeeper training.
  • Eating heathier foods – Thinking about starting the 21-day fix with Beach Body.
  • Drink more water!!

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