Diva Half Training Week 13


So the countdown is on, only 18 more days before the Diva Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach.  So I am really trying to build up some miles before the big day.

Thursday, April 7th – 5.02 Miles

Saturday, April 9th – 5.04 Miles

Sunday, April 10th – 8.05 Miles

On Sunday I started the run wearing compression socks but starting getting calf cramps and stopped to pull the socks down to my ankles.   I don’t know if the compression socks have become too tight for me to wear or what the issue may be.  So I am going to spend the next couple of weeks trying out different options.  If you have experience with wearing compression socks or calf sleeves, please share on the comments.

Great news, I was able to obtain a race registration through a travel company on the runDisney site and now I am officially going to be running in the Wine and Dine 10K in November.

More great news, we got tickets to see Guns and Roses in July.  The concert will be in Orlando, FL, and we are going to be staying for the weekend.  To see friends and may either be going to a Disney park or Universal Studios.

This is going to be a short blog this week.  Just a few updates from last week and hopefully more progress this week.

Don’t forget to leave a comment!!!  Have a great week!!!  🙂



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