DIVA Half Marathon Recap

Happy Tuesday!!!

Myrtle Beach – DIVA Half Marathon Recap:

I am officially a DIVA runner!!  I crossed the finish line and received my Diva medal in the Diva Half Marathon this past weekend.


Fuzzy pink boas, tiaras, tutus, shirtless firemen with abs of steel, bubbly champagne and thousands of race DIVA’s.  These are just some of the words I can use to describe my experience this weekend.


It all started with the Health & Fitness Boutique on Saturday. This is where the packet pick-up was and 40+ exhibitors showcasing the latest in women’s trends, designs, and apparel.  These race expos are always free and open to the public.  After getting my bib, shirt, tutu and race bag I explored the many vendors.  There was a lot of good vendors at the expo.  Some of my favorite finds were an Official DIVA tank top that I wore during the race made by Greenlayer, a beltless running pocket to hold my phone made by Roosport.  Both worked great during my run on Sunday.  I had been wanting to order some headbands from Hippie Runner.com and I lucked up and saw them at the expo.  There headbands were 5 for $20.  Goodnessknows gave some free snack bars that were a tasty treat.


RACE DAY: Sunday, May 1, 2016

I work up around 5:45 AM and got ready.  As my husband drove me to the race I ate a banana and a hard boil egg. My husband dropped me off at the starting line around 6:50 AM.  I was able to see the 5K race start and wave and cheer on some of my gym friends as they started the race.  Then it was time for the half marathon runners to line up for at 7:15 AM start.  As I stood there waiting to start I was able to meet one of my Facebook group members.


This was the 2nd biggest race I have done and once the race began it took 2-3 minutes to even cross the start line.  Once I did it was still rather congested but I hung in there and dodged and weaved my way through the slower pace runners.

The weather was not that bad, but we were praying for a breeze towards the end of the race.  I started with the run/walk intervals for the first 4-6 miles.  The first 4 miles were a good pace at 14 minute and I completed them in an hour.  It wasn’t until the 5th mile I started feeling it and started to notice I was walking more than I was running. On mile 6 my toe started to hurt, I was not sure if it was a toe nail or what.  I was determined I was not going to stop, I just kept going and running when I could.  After a while I could not feel the pain as much.  Then around mile 8 the back of my knees started to hurt and then I just started a steady walking pace.  I was still determined I was going to finish but I could not stop walking nor start running.  There were a few small hills/inclines on the course and I had not really trained for those.  A lot of ladies around me were walking so I felt if I could stay with them I thought I could make it and not be swept if that was possible for this race.  One thing I really did like about this race was all of the water/Gatorade stops they had.  I took advantage of every stop and sometime took one of each.  There were a lot of spectators and volunteers along the course cheering the runners on.  As those final miles counted down, the spectators began their shouts of “ONLY A FEW MORE MILES” and “ALMOST THERE!”  I was so happy to finally see mile 12, I knew I was almost there.  On the last mile my husband had given me a call because he thought I would have already made it to the finish line by now.  I told him I was on the last mile and was making it as fast as my legs could go.  My poor legs were spent and I could not go any faster.  Somewhere on the last mile near the finish line volunteers handed racers pink fuzzy boas and a little tiara.  As I started to approach the finish line I started a slow jog and a few of my gym friends were off to the side cheering me on.  That gave me that little extra strength I needed to make it to that finish line.   My husband was right there waiting for me at the end of the race.  He gave me a big hug and in his encouraging loving way said now you know what you need to work on. 


I don’t know that I can say this was the toughest race I have done; Disney might have been just a little bit tougher.  I think the main factor in this race was I did not have a running partner.  A friend at the beach signed up with me to participate in the race but at the last minute she said she was not prepared and did not race.  I think I will be focusing more on my speed and just sign up to do more 5K races.  Right now the only race I have signed up for is the Wine and Dine 10K in November.  I won’t say I’m not going to do another Half Marathon but it won’t probably be for a while.

Well there you go, hope you enjoyed my recap on the race.  My next blog will be about race recovery.  If your thinking about doing a Diva Half/5K don’t forget to join my Facebook group.






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