Happy Runniversary!!!


It’s been a little while since my last blog but I thought I would start up again since I need to start training for some upcoming races.   This past Wednesday, August 10th was my 3rd runniversary.  Three years ago I found my love for running.

This is coming from a girl who use to hate running in gym class.  I would pass out almost after just one lap around the track in high school.  Running is the most exhilarating feeling but at the same time the most dreadful feeling.  There are good days when you can go miles and miles and bad days when your body is telling you that you just cannot go another mile.  I have found out that what you think is your worst race can turn into your best PR yet.   Every second counts when you are racing, one little mistake can slow you down.


This is a sport that will push you to your limits of what you can do mentally and physically. I understand that the biggest competition is myself.  Running is not an easy sport by any means but it’s supposed to be a challenge that is what makes it great!  Why do I love to run?  I run for those who cannot run and one day I may not be able to run but today I can!!!


Back on the Wagon: The hardest part for me about running is just starting some days.  To me, it is finding the motivation in myself to run after a long day at work and the many excuses I have in my life.  I even work right across from the running trail.



I have a great support system; I just need to start using it.  My husband, my sister and niece and my gym family are all great supporters.  This week I am getting back on the wagon and getting my miles in.  I have a 10K to complete in November.


Disney Wine & Dine Training:  I am a little behind in my race training for the 10K in November.  If I am following the Jeff Galloway training from the runDisney website, then I would be in week six at this point.  I would not say I had stopped running, I have been running at least one day out of the week, usually on Mondays but then that was it.  I just need to add more days in the week and stick to my training.  This week I will be doing week six of the Jeff Galloway training and returning back to gym classes.   I will be signing up for a 5K on Saturday.


21 Day Fix Program:  I have also been trying to stick with the 21-day fix program through Beach Body.  This has been a real challenge for me with the portion control and trying to stay on it when your husband and family are eating whatever they want.    The workout routines are very challenging and seem to be something that would show results in a quick amount of time, just only if I would stick to that routine.  This is a new week and I am going to just take it one day at a time on this program.  Hopefully I will see some results even if I am not exactly staying on the full routine.



Rio Olympics:  I did get some motivation for my running today after watching the women’s marathon.  Way to go US Olympic runner –  Shalane Flanagan who did the Women’s marathon in 2:25:26 hours.  Now that is a great example of determination and reaching your goals.  I know Shalane was not happy about being in six place in the marathon but she is a hero in my eyes.

So tune in next week to see if I have reached my running goals.

Happy Running!!!


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