Hello Everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great week!  Just one more day until the weekend.  TGIF!!  I can’t believe this will be my first blog of the year and it’s already the first week in April.  The month of April in the south have started with rain and thunderstorms.  This week’s weather was mixed with rain…sunny…and storms.
I did get a 3 mile hike in at our local Rail Trail on Tuesday but it was a slow walk with a little running.  My legs were just not wanting to move very fast on this day but it felt good to get out in the sunshine.  And unfortunately this was the only day this week I was able to get out and get some miles in.
 If you have been following my blog you would see in the last post that I was not going to be running any more races until I got my speed up and then I realized that was a very foolish theory.  I recently read some tips for beginner runners and one tip was not to define yourself by your race time or pace.  The most important thing is that you get out there and run and enjoy it.  Don’t get all hung up on labeling yourself as a ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ runner.  If your concerned about what other people think about you, just know that non-runners not only don’t care what your pace or PR is, most of them have no idea what’s a fast pace or not.  Fellow runners think you’re AWESOME because you’re a runner too.
I ran my first race of the year in February and my results were  46:11  @  14:52 pace  per mile.
My second race of the year was last weekend at the Darlington Raceway Track or AKA “The Track Too Tough to Tame”.  Well I tamed it last weekend, I beat my previous race time.   My race results were  44:55    @   14:29 pace per mile.   This race even included two tough hills to climb. I will say I was a little proud of myself, it may have only been a few minutes in difference but I could see and feel the difference when I trained during the week.  
 I have been dedicated to drinking Shakeology everyday.   I have found it easier for me to drink it as an afternoon snack/pick me up at work.  I like trying new recipes with Shakeology.  My new favorite is “Pineapple Go Go” .  
I wonder why it has taken me so long to complete this blog tonight.  Girl cat is craving my attention sitting in my lap. 
Next Week’s Goals: Run a little more, continue with Shakeology, and not miss Kettlebell Class on Tuesday’s.  
Upcoming Races:
ETC Running to Disney 5K – April 22, 2017
Girls Run the World 5K (Visual Race with my gym) – April 26, 2017
Myrtle Beach Diva 5K – May 7, 2017



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