Just keep running…

Happy Thursday!

Race Update:  This coming Saturday I will be running in the Pee Dee Coalition’s 5th Annual Breaking Free 5K.  This race will support the Coalitions’ emergency safe shelter in our area.

Here’s a little more information about the cause:
For the Coalition, this year’s Breaking Free 5K/15K marks another special milestone.Thirty years ago, Pee Dee Coalition–a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the reduction of sexual assault, family violence, and child abuse and to serving the needs of victims–began operating what was, and still is, the region’s only 24-hour crisis line for victims and their families.

I love to run for a good cause and organization.  This race will include an incline bridge that I have ran on many times, but it always tires me out.  I am not expecting my time for this race to be fast.

Race Training:  I have been keeping up with my race training this week.   I have even been seeing some improvement on my time.  This week I ran on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.  On Tuesday I started back at the gym in the Kettle Bell Class which this week included running.   Wednesday was a rest day.  

Nutrition:  This has been my down fall of the week.  I have not been eating health as I have been in previous weeks and my water intake has been less.  I can tell I have not been drinking enough water with my runs getting slower and leg cramps.  I have been drinking my Shakeology every afternoon for a snack. 

Fitness Goals:  Get faster with my speed!  Eat healthy!  Drink water/no sodas or tea!

New goal of the week is working on my personal development.  I need to start spending some time with daily devotionals.  

One more thing… I created a new album on my Facebook titled – Fitness Journey Challenge and I add my daily Selfie/Workouts in this album to document my results and hopefully inspire others.


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