2016 End of the Year Race Recap

Welcome to my 2016 End of the Year Race Recap!!

Can you believe this year has come and  almost gone?  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and could spend it with love ones and friends.

I ran seven races total this year and all of them had a great cause.  Running these races for special charities helps me find the motivation to complete the race and the inspiration to continue signing up for more races.

Shamrock Commit to Prevent Child Abuse, 5K (March 5th)

The goal of this race was to raise 10,000 dollars for the prevention of child abuse.            Total Time: 41:20


Pacing for Pieces 5K (March 12th)

This is my second time running this race.  It’s for a great cause, a race to raise money for Autism Research and Support.   Total Time: 41:47


Diva Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (May 1st)

This was my second half marathon.  It was a very hot day in Myrtle Beach on this day.  This was a fun race and I will be running in the 5K next year.  This race is to sponsor Breast Cancer.  The Breast Cancer Charities of America (iGoPink) exists for one reason—to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. iGoPink’s central focus is to educate, empower and encourage all women to become pro-active in preventing breast cancer and, if diagnosed, in surviving breast cancer.  Join iGoPink as they press forward in the fight against breast cancer!  YOU can help make a difference in the lives of women and patients who are battling breast cancer.   This is a race that is done in many different states.  Check out the web site and sign up for one of the events TODAY!! http://www.runli
  Total Time: 3:49

National Trails Day 5K (June)

This was a repeat race for me.  I enjoy participating in this race because this is the running trail that I use for my race training.  It was another hot day so I was struggling towards the end of the race.  This race is for the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day which is a celebration of America’s magnificent Trail System, occurring annually on the first Saturday in June.   http://nationaltrailsday.americanhiking.org/general-information-national-trails-day/   Total Time: 46


Morning News Forget Me Not 5k Color Run (August 20th)

This was an inaugural race and my first color run.  The race was to help raise money to help fund Alzheimer research.  Total Time: 45:04

Disney Wine & Dine 10K – Inaugural (November)  presented by MISFIT

This runDisney event was a race through Epcot, Disney Boardwalk and backlot.  This was my third runDisney race and my first 10K through Disney.  There is plenty to see along the course, Disney entertainment, characters to take photos with and spectacular scenery.

5K Split: 46:45    Total Time: 2:11

Florence Turkey Trot 5K (November 24, 2016)

A race I have always wanted to do was the Turkey Trot.  Why not burn off some calories the morning of Thanksgiving.   Total Time: 46:07

Hope you enjoyed my race recap for this year.  Two of my top goals in 2017 will be to increase my speed and get healthy (lose weight).   I am not going to sign up for another race until I can get my speed up.  I am not going to be doing a runDisney race in 2017.  Instead I will be training to do a runDisney challenge for 2018.  February 24th & 25th of 2018 I am planning on running in the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  This will be this runDisney race event 10th year anniversary.    These races will start/finish in Epcot.  This will be a 19.3-mile adventure held over two days.  On Saturday, February 24th, I will run in the Disney Enchanted 10K, followed by the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday, February 25th.   When you complete both races, you will be awarded the Glass Slipper Challenge medal in addition to the Half Marathon and 10K finisher medals.  I realize that this will get a big challenge but one that I am willing to work towards.

Please continue to follow my blog to track my progress and feel free to comment with any feedback or suggestions.

Happy running!!!


Diva Half In Training – Week 11&12

Happy Wednesday!!  There has been a lot going on this past week.  Run…Fun..Run!!!

Tuesday was my big workout day last week.  Started a new Kettlebell routine in class and stayed afterwards for run club.  We ran over a bridge for about a 1.5 mile run.  It didn’t do too bad but I am defiantly not a hill climber.   IMG_20160330_221445

I’m the girl in the black Nike cap on the right in the picture above.

I rested for the rest of the week because I knew we were going to down to the beach for the weekend and I wanted to try to get my 10 miles in on Saturday.   So Saturday came and it looked really cloudy and I knew it was supposed to rain but the forecast said not until around 3 PM.   So I started my run around 10:00 AM.    It was wonderful weather to go for a long run, not to hot and a light drizzle rain here and there.  My husband passed me in his truck on mile 3 and we started texting back and forth what the weather was looking like up ahead.   I made it almost to my half way point and it stared to down pour.   I quickly called my husband to the rescue.    Oh well I’ll have to try it again this weekend.  I do realize if it is down pouring at the Diva race I will have to continue.


Saturday afternoon we went to a Local Brew Local Groove event that our friend and his band was playing at the House of Blues.   We had a great time with friends!


We didn’t stay out to late because we knew we had to get up early to head back home for Easter at my Dad’s house.  Since we were at the beach and did not have to cook anything we really didn’t have the traditional Easter meal we usually do.  Not even one single egg to eat, and this did kind of disappoint me.   My little nephew was there so we did have a little egg hunt and an Easter Piñata for him to hit.


So what has been going on this week.  I have only 4 ½ weeks left before the Diva Half Marathon.    I did run/walk 4 miles’ yesterday and I will try to continue with the required miles this week.  I booked my room for the Diva Half Marathon weekend today.  We could have stayed with our friend Kevin but I know I will need my rest the night before the race and I would not be able to do that at his house.  The hotel we are staying at is really nice they have a down stairs beach bar and a night club.

So now to some disappointing race news.  Yesterday, March 29th was the sign up for runDisney’s Wine and Dine.  I was unable to obtain a race entry for the 10K race and my family was able to (Sister and Niece.)  I have been trying to look at other ways I can get a race entry at this point.   That weekend also happens to be my 10th year wedding anniversary.  I have wanted to share Disney with my husband for so long and I think this would be so perfect.    I will keep you updated if I am able to obtain a race entry.

So my training for the rest of the week looks like this.

Thursday – 5 Miles

Saturday – 5 Miles

Sunday – 10 Miles (I’m behind it’s supposed to be 12 miles)



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